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Home is the most intimate and emotional address in our life. It needs care and maintenance just like any other kind of possession. So, when you choose to perform a home extensions services, make sure that all the parts get equal attention.

One of the vital parts of house extension is a bathroom renovation. It is an important part of your house that faces frequent use. To get a non-slippery and odourless bathroom, you have to consult a professional home renovation service.

At Bajwa Builders, you can get professional work from a skilled team of workers who can deliver you a bathroom of superior quality. We can help you perform maintenance works on your current bathroom or construct a new bathroom from scratch at an extra space in your property.

Though we have gained our name for other construction services such as painting and decorating services  , home renovation and construction , we can deliver you quality solutions in redesigning and redecorating your bathroom through a wide range of services:

Tiles Installation

Bathroom Fitting Repair

Bathroom Wall Painting

Remodelling Work

Bathroom Decoration

To make your bathroom look glowing and get fewer maintenance works, you can bank on us. We use modern-day equipment which will improve the quality of work and incur less time on work. We also make sure that your home gets zero damage while we do the bathroom renovation works.