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Loft Construction



Bajwa builders is a famous loft conversion company in Hounslow and Feltham. If you think of loft conversion to any other type of structures that can benefit you, we can help you. The process will be a simple way to increase some vital space in your residence. The function primarily depends on the roof structure and planning constraints. There are also some other things that you need to consider:



The amount of cost that will take for your loft construction depends on the roof structure, already existing space and also the decisions about the alterations to be made.

One has to check whether the loft is suitable for conversion. Our experts assess the loft based on the pitch, head height and type of structure as well as any obstacles such as chimney stacks or water tanks.

Must Have Document for Loft Construction:


You will also need a building regulation approval, along with a planning permission. These two documents are vital for your loft conversion work. At each stage, a building control surveyor will handle inspection over the work. The final inspection will be done on completion of the work.

An overall inspection of the roof space will reveal the physical dimensions and structures. An Illustration on how much headroom will occupy the space on that floor will also be surveyed by the chief engineers or architects. Most people are not aware about the extra space they actually have. It is not mentioned in their plans.

Affordable Loft Construction Work:


At Bajwa builders, Hounslow we perform loft construction work that falls easy on your budget. One has to replace it with a sealed system with roof space for water tanks, hot water system, plumbing, and heating system.

With a simplified guidance from Our structural engineers, you will get to know about the specifications about the space.

For roof construction, one can go with the traditional type or truss section type. For structural integrity, it is best to use these thinner or timbers. The roof truss adds greater value to the structural input. One can also go for a room in roof loft conversion which is a basic extension.

This involves the placement of stairs, lighting, electric and heating. Fire doors or smoke alarms also can be placed based on building regulations. Decisions will be taken based on chimney stacks.

It really improves your investment plan for your home and gives the best returns. It adds value to your home as many of the property experts say. It doesn’t require any lengthy process to obtain planning permission.

Here in Bajwa builders, we add value to your property if you are dreaming of the ways to extend. A loft conversion is easiest if you extend your project to the master suite, you can add uup the beauty of the decor with our painting and decorating services.