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Gas Electric Work


Bajwa Builders is trusted by many professionals all over London. It is one among the UK’s leading electricity, gas works, and multi-utility connection companies who design the project to meet the needs of their clients and delivers one time. We ensure gas safety and provide information about the gas pipes. In West London, we provide rules and regulations and procefures for working with gas pipes and electricity. We ensure work safety.

We give all the necessary technical advice to the clients. We have completed all the undertaken works according to the building, contract plans and specifications. We are committed in our work and share our experience in installing gas and electricity.

Get your home connected with gas or electricity supply. When you are moving to a new home it is necessary to get the property connected to gas and electricity supply.

First of all you’ll need:

1. Connection – The connection establishment depends on the place you live.
2. Choosing a supplier – The bill for the amount of energy used is taken by this company.


We will help you to get your home connected to the mains. Our electricians will give you the quote for the cost of the electrical wiring and distribution circuit at your home. It depends on the nature of work and duration of work hours. How long it takes depends on the connection we make and neighbouring properties. We have got a registered electrician or gas engineer. We are excited to work with the clients and make a long line of successful partnerships. We are proud and take immense pleasure in our competitive prices, innovative products and impeccable service. When people think of gas works or electricity we want themto think of Bajwa Builders, Hounslow. We are in a self revolution and focused on major evolution to adapt to the latest hardware. Our engineers continue to work to show the signs of strong growth.

Natural gas is a well known gas when anyone meet peak electricity demands and is a pretty good choice.

We undertake conventional air conditioning works too. Our Bajwa Builders contractors in Hounslow are experienced in construction sectors. We have completed numerous electrical installation projects on new house and buildings and renovation projects over 20 years of experience.

Our construction Industry takes electrical support for

  • Home decoration acrylic oil painting
  • Iron wall art
  •  PVC Vinyl waterproof 3D wallpaper
  • Electric aroma in scented wooden LED
  • Real silk rose touch flowers artificial
  • Knitted reindeer for christmas home decoration
  • Little Buddha home decoration
  • Artificial synthetic grass for decoration
  • Pillars in staircase with fashion crystal glass

The steps of work covered in this sector includes lighting and lighting control, design, building power, gas distribution systems, installations, CCTV, fire alarms, IT networking systems.

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