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We ensure your project by standing behind the garage or suburban and make you proud now and in the future. We stand by for the success of your building and guarantee with strongest materials. We guide you in installation of long durable garage kits that gives you a peace of mind thereby ensuring a stable car port, RN cover or garage. You can always consult our designers about the installation procedure.

By choosing Bajwa builders, you can have #1 garage or carport or any custom building. We provide garage building, certified carports, and metal building over years of experience. It is nothing like we cant build any building structures. Our steel buildings protect your storages from heavy snow and wind. Call us today without delaying.

Our work is focussed mainly on quality, integrity and satisfaction of clients. Over years of experience in building garages, all our clients continue to choose us and anyone can recognize Bajwa Builders. Our customers believes in all our products that we sell from day in and out.


Garage projects are perfect in Bajwa builders in Hounslow. We are a leading porch and garage developers in West London, and you can find a garage of your choice in your building. We design your own garage by allowing you to choose a custom design to complement any existing structures. Bajwa builders are of a great choice as they are able to build strong and withstanding elements to protect your belongings.

We can work with any of your old traditional metal building or undertake any shield construction to customize and complement existing structures. We work with sincerity from day 1 till your dream building is getting completed. Our construction crew handles everything from premier windows to hydraulic one piece doors.


We have undertaken small homes to stores to large industrial type steel buildings. We also service in West London, Hounslow, Richmond. You can learn more about garage buildings in Bajwa builders. We ensure strong metal garages to protect your property, car or any vehicle. We are a one stop solution for parking your vehicle, bicycles, lawnmover or other valuable items. We have a good working metal garages if you are looking for a shelter to protect your valuables from theives as well as harsh weather conditions.

Bajwa builders has a selection of metal and steel garage structures that provides the best solution for everyone seeking for their buildings.

At Bajwa builders, we have dozens of metal garages and carports for sales. It will surely be perfect for all your needs and we have a variety of options. Find strong garage builders with us and design your own garage by building inexpensively in Bajwa builders, West London. We can harmonize the garage with your already existing home’s roof line. We have a wide variety of designs for garage in varying sizes and colours.